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Over time, life gets tough. It pulls you to different places and situations, some good and some bad. Often you think about quitting it all – but is it really worth quitting what you’re doing? Just because life gets tough every once in awhile, that doesn’t mean you should give up. If you give up, that is just an excuse because you are not living your full potential. But maybe that is not entirely your fault – what would be your fault is that your unmotivated self now affect your working performanse.

Many times we lose motivation in everyday life – it’s normal. The bills start rolling up like a big pile of other things we need to pay or a partner is giving us a hard time. This is all a part of life, you can’t affect that. It is okay to feel down at the times, but you can’t let that bother you too much. Remember that no one is living your life the way you do, so why not make your life enjoyable as possible? You know what they say, life is short so make the most of it. And they are right.
progress-report1Progress is what drives people. Without it, we wouldn’t even be here. So why do you think you are not achieving progress? Doesn’t matter where – your job, with a partner, with a friend etc. Reaching progress is a journey that starts with that first step, and that is motivation. By reaching motivation you are one step closer to achieving your wanted goals. Progress doesn’t have to mean only at work – it can mean progress at everyday things, so because of this, make a chart to track your progress each day with the goals you set for your self. This way you will better know how far you are going and how far you have come to reaching your goals.
Making a habit out of checking list is a good thing because this way you create a positive habit out of your life, and not to mention feeling a sense of accomplishment afterwards. Make small victories and eventually those smaller victories will lead you to bigger ones. You are now two steps closer to reaching your goals.
shutterstock_78206758Know your limits. Often people get ahead of themselves when they start planning things they want to do or achieve. This is OK, but if that something goes out of hand or turns out bad, it affects them more than it affects the people who were carefully considering their steps. Make few steps in order to cross the river – don’t take very long jumps or you might end up in water, soaking wet. It is not wise to let yourself do everything you want to do. It is not impossible to be everything you wanted to be, it’s the fact that many times it is better for things to go south because maybe that certain reason would pull you in a wrong direction and you might end up being disappointed in the end. Remember – small victories each day and you will make it.