Get rid of the Fear and improve your Success

By on Jan 30, 2016 in MOTIVATION, Self Improvement |

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Do you ever wait for the perfect moment to take action or tackle an issue ?

I hate to break the news to you but most of the time waiting for the perfect moment is waiting forever. By hesitating, you are delaying your success and prolonging the pain and anxiety.


Take Action Now

Everyone has times when they have trouble making a decision. We spend so much time thinking of what we are going to do that when the time comes to make the call we hesitate. I’m not only talking about big life decisions but also the same ones like buying a candy bar from the store or deciding if you need that extra pair of pants. Of course there are bigger issues like buying a new car but don’t weigh them in as the only time you have to think about it first.

Don’t confuse taking the time to think about something with procrastination. Because most of the time when you don’t take an action you are procrastinating. Sorry to be so blunt. Some of us also are really good at making some decisions but fail at other areas. Buy by not acting now on all the non-major decisions you are prolonging pain, anxiety, depression, discomfort, and unhappiness. Now who wants to make those bad symptoms last any longer?

There are also times when we hesitate because we are afraid of failure. Like asking someone out on a date because you are afraid of rejection. Truth of the matter is you never really no what’s going to happen when you make some of these decisions. The best thing I can tell you is that if you don’t try it’s a definite “NO”.


There is no perfect time. Time is an abstract concept anyways. I am not saying that you shouldn’t having timing in your life strategies. What I am saying is that by waiting for the perfect time to come around chances are you will be waiting forever. Even if you are waiting for the price to drop on something. You still have no idea when this is going to happen.(unless you are a psychic but I am amusing you aren’t) Even when considering economics you really don’t know when the price for a house is going to raise or fall, nobody does. Hesitating is such a problem that people experience it daily and don’t even notice. For example if they have a sale on the cheap gun safes you should just go ahead and buy it! Delaying makes your fear of doing worse . Like Nike Says “Just Do It” !

That’s right you do have fear once you start delaying things. For whatever reason you delay the truth is it makes your fear of doing worse. Sometimes it can get so bad that you actually may experience the inconvenience of anxiety. Anxiety will keep you from doing amazing things or just plain out having fun.

Get rid of the Fear and improve your Success


Take Action

Ok now for the “How do I stop having these issues?” part. The easiest way to put it is to take the action your avoiding. Like Nike says “Just Do It.” There is no better moment than right now. You want to go in the wild? Fine, buy a backpack, buy a best hunting knife and go out. Don’t be afraid to fail it happens to the best of us. Kick procrastination to the curb. Right now as soon as your done reading make a list of all the things you have been putting off and get as many of those things done today. You will feel 100 times better tomorrow even if you fail at some.

Don’t let fear control you. Stop fearing and procrastination every little and big decision. If it’s a really big decision like buying a house do your research then immediately take action. If it’s a small decision like buying a soda, just do it and you will figure out later if that was a bad idea or not. Stop wasting your time waiting for the perfect time and take action now.